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I believe that all businesses can thrive and grow.

I have worked to orchestrate change, foster growth, innovation and new businesses for my entire career. My experiences come from several different types of companies, everything from Management Consulting at Accenture to CEO for Small Businesses, Start-ups, Incubators and Science Parks. In recent years my focus has been on private owned entrepreneurial companies.

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders testify that the market opportunities are greater than ever. While at the same time it has become harder to navigate in a more complex business landscape with higher pace of change. Not to mention that many organisations are struggling to take advantage of digitalisation and new technology. For many companies, pressure from global competition implies that it is not enough to do what you've always done a bit better or faster. You need to review your game plan, re-engineer some of your most important processes and adress how to nurture key competences for the future, for example within digitalisation.

The good news for entrepreneurs and other business leaders is that there are currently methods and working practices that greatly increase the chances of success. The last 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with lots of start-up companies, growth companies, incubators and science parks. I have also payed close attention to the methods and concepts used in Silicon Valley. Methods first developed at Intel, Google, Stanford, SRI and other pioneers, now spred and used by thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

The “Big Idea” with Syntesia is to create a knowledge company who is the entrepreneurs best friend. An enabler, guide, source of knowledge, advisor, source of inspiration who share the same passion and DNA. A different Consultancy, created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. It´s one hundred percent Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Change Leaders.  A company where focus is on creating value - not maximizing billable hours.

Syntesia is a boutique consultancy based on a network model, which means we have a strong network of associated experts who share our vision. For our customers, it means that they can quickly access the latest knowledge from consultants with in depth expertise within their specific field. 

Magnus Burvall, Founder and CEO


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Magnus Burvall

Magnus has worked to foster growth and new businesses for over 20 years. He began his career as a consultant at Accenture, a fast growing global consulting powerhouse, and has subsequently been president of innovation and IT companies with growth ambitions. Magnus has a rare ability to quickly identify an organisation's opportunities and obstacles. He is both the experienced advisor for long-term profitable growth and organiser with a talent for getting together and lead effective team. Magnus has a genuine interest of people and technology, and has the last years focused on how organisations can transform into ”digital organisations”.



Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Master of Science, Industrial Economics & Management, 1990

Stockholm University
General Business & Finance 1990

Activities & Affiliations

• Founders Alliance, Member
• The Swedish Academy of Board och Directors, Member