We help our clients understand how innovation occurs and how to work systematically to increase the organisation's innovation capabilities.

business modeling

The business model is the business idea. One new fast and iterative way of specifying your business model is to work with the Business Model Canvas framework. It’s a user-friendly, fun and efficient tool that will strengthen your capabilities to be agile in your organisation. It will help you challenge yourself, and dare to think new, different, big and bigger. It also allows you to test your ideas.

  • How does your current Canvas (or Business model) look?
  • What is the ideal Canvas in three years from now?
  • How would it look if the business scales by ten times (10X)?

Learn how to create new revenue streams.

Be inspired by how others have changed their business model. There are at least 55 documented business models out there and you can easily pick out the best ones.

You will be able to quickly test different scenarios on business models and find new opportunities for creating value and cutting cost. You also receive hands-on experience from practicing the Business Model Canvas tool on your business.


innovation toolbox - boost your capabilities to innovate

For corporate customers, we offer programmes in two areas:

  • Increase creativity and involvement of your own organisation and deepen understanding that innovation can occur in many different areas within the company, not just linked to the product itself. We learn how to create innovation in business models, product performance and customer experience. We train with new agile working methods for innovation, and practice efficient work methods, such as Design Sprints and Hackathons.
  • Open innovation processes. No company can have access to all the skills and insights needed for long-term competitiveness within their own organisation. We introduce processes and practices that open up external co-operation to innovation. This can involve activities to establish collaboration with universities, partners, and also actors from other industries in order to bring in new perspectives. 


innovation ecosystems

For public customers, regional governments, universities and other platform organisations we help to craft strategies and blueprint the overall framework for an entire innovation eco-system.