Growth analysis

Growth analysis is a effective "health check" on companies ability to grow. External and internal growth forces are analyzed, growth threats identified as well as strengths and weaknesses. We use the Tool Ahrens Growth Barometer (two workday assessment). Interviews with CEO, management team and and selected members of staff representing the different functions within the organisation.

Know how to Grow. The results from the two day analysis are: 

  • An analysis of the environment and market conditions for growth.
  • A profile of the company's strong and weak sides for rapid growth based on where the company is in the growth cycle curve.
  • A foundation that facilitates prioritization of strategic, operational and organizational efforts.
  • Benchmarking against other fast growing and profitable companies. An review of current growth strategies and the organisations ability for sustainable growth?
  • The result of the Growth Analysis consists of an assessment covering twelve growth factors as well as a proposal for suggested actions.

business acceleration programs

The Business Acceleration Program is designed to drive your business forward. Based on your companies specific needs and growth barriers, the program consists of insightful coaching, powerful strategies and hands on work to position your business for exponential growth. Its a 9-12 month program that covers every aspect of your business. You will practice the tools, strategies and processes you need to establish a solid foundation, attract your ideal customers and grow your revenue.

This is a boot camp for entrepreneurs. And it starts with you.

  • Growth Analysis - understand success factors, identify barriers
  • Define long term and short term goals, define KPI:s
  • Implement goal setting management
  • Blueprint your Growth Strategy
  • Boost key processes
  • Monthly follow up to monitor and drive change
  • Access to coaching and expertise

Results: Tangible and measurable results, key process and working practices improved. Found a way how to develop the company to the next level.

business modeling

The business model is the business idea. The new fast and iterative way of specifying their business model is to work with the Business Model Canvas framework. Start using a user friendly, fun and efficient tool. Strengthen your agile capabilities in your organization. Challenge yourself. Dare to think new, different, big and bigger. Test your ideas.

  • How does your current Canvas  (or Business model) look like?
  • What is the ideal Canvas i three years time from now on?
  • How would it look if the business scales ten times (10X).

Learn how to create now revenue streams.

Be inspired how others have changed their business model. There are at least fifty five documented business models out there and you can easily pick out the goodies.

Builds ability to quickly test different scenarios on business models and find new opportunities for creating value and cut cost. Hands-on experience from practising the Business Model Canvas tool on your business.

sales and marketing

Shortcomings of sales skills is one of the most common causes of lack of growth or even stagnation. The conditions for marketing and sales have changed dramatically since the internet made information available for anyone. Customers now qualify in a completely different manner. Digital marketing and sales play an increasingly important role.

We offer two programs to help you craft and implement an effective sales and marketing process in your company.

High performance sales process
Strategic and systematic development of the sales process. We strengthen your capacity to work strategically. We work through your customer segmentation, offerings, channels and definition of ideal customers. Together we review your sales system, goal management, KPIs and follow-up procedures. We review how you work and develop your most important accounts.

Results:  increased ability to systematically lead and control the sales function and to develop markets and key accounts with the aim of maximizing return on investment. Ultimately more growth and profitability.

Boost your business with Digital Sales & Marketing
We improve your existing, or start up new digital marketing and sales processes for the client (content marketing, inbound marketing, email system and, channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube). We define your ultimate "blueprint" and working procedures. Set of tools and system deployment. Together we will come up with a plan for how you can operate your digital channels and the skills required for it, including how to measure, evaluate and optimise your new channels.

Result: A working and manageable process for your digital marketing and sales efforts that will lead to new customers and increased business. (The implementation is carried out together with our selected Partners). 

high performance organisation

When you walk into a high-performance organisation, you can feel the difference. Instead of going through the motions, the people are energised. They are confident about their company´s strategy and pathway forward. But how do high performance organizations differ from other organizations? How to become a high performance organization? In our approach, we work in four different areas: leadership, structure, people and culture. Each program is customized. Examples of areas that are usually subject to improvements:

  • Define and share objectives within organisation, introduce goal management.
  • Strengten communication processes.
  • Clarify the company's guiding principle and values.
  • Reinforce employer brand, recruitment and introduction processes.
  • Work with leadership to better understand employee motivation factors.

Result: Self-propelled and scalable organization, more commitment, unleash creativity, less employee turnover, easier to attract top candidates.


Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. We help our clients understand how is created and how to work systematically to increase the organization's innovation capabilities.

For corporate customers, we offer programs in two areas:

  • To increase creativity and involvement of your own organization, to deepen understanding that innovation can occur in many different areas within the company, not just linked to the product itself. We learn how to create innovations in business models, product performance and customer experience. We train new agile working methods for innovation, and practice efficient work methods, such as Design Sprints and Hackatons.
  • Open innovation  processes. No company can have access to all the skills and insights needed for long-term competitiveness within their own organisation. We introduce processes and practices that open up external co-operation to innovation. It can involve activities to establish collaboration with universities, with partners, and also with actors from other industries in order to bring in new perspectives. 

For public customers, regional governments, universities and other platform organisations we help to craft strategies and blueprint the overall  framework for an entire innovation eco-system.

digital & technology

We help you navigate the complexities of today’s business environment. We identify how technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for you. Based on your industries specific needs, we create a technology roadmap that matches with the latest developments within digital, and highlights risks and opportunities.

Result: Technology roadmap for your company understanding key technologies, opportunities and risks. 


digital capabilities

Digitalisation is the cause of large-scale transformations across multiple aspects of business. While its clear that digital technology will transform most industries, there are a number of challenges that need to be understood and adressed. These include areas as changing customer expectations, new business models, new operational models, disruptive technologies,cultural transformation and changed talent market. We help you sense and understand the changing landscape and foresee the new digital capabilities needed. We advice and facilitate a process to:

  • assess your organisations digital capabilities
  • develop a guide how to become a digital organisation
  • craft a roadmap that sort out how and where you can begin work on strengthening your organsiation digital abilities

Result: Understanding of how digitalisation affects your industry and your company. Assessment of your organisations as-is digital capabilities. A roadmap that describes how to prioritize efforts to strengthen your organization's digital capabilities

BUSINESS transformation

Everything starts with getting the strategic vision right. This means being able to foresee what the customer is going to want and how best to achieve it. It also includes defining the depth and scope of the changes and the redesign of internal processes and structures. Before embarking on a transformation, consider these questions: Is a major transformation necessary or will a more surgical, limited repositioning be enough? Depending on driving forces in your industry and your companies aspirations, there are different strategies to consider. For example New market entry, mergers and acquisitions, talent/IP buy out, split-ups, divestitures, and business process optimisation.

Result: Together we blueprint your change journey, and how to orchestrate corporate vision implementation.