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Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and change leaders to fulfil their dreams by ensuring their businesses reach their full potential. Our aim is for Syntesia to be a knowledge company that becomes the entrepreneur’s best friend – an enabler, guide, advisor and source of inspiration that shares the same passion for business. We offer 100 per cent business consulting for entrepreneurs and change leaders.  We are focused on creating value - for the customer, the entrepreneur, employees and the planet.

How we´we helped others like you

Selected initiatives:

  • Conducted more than thirty growth assessments/workshops with small businesses over the last two years.
  • Facilitated and managed acceleration programmes with more than twenty ambitious small companies over the last two years.
  • Signed long-term agreement as an expert in entrepreneurship with three major innovation authorities.
  • Held a series of workshops on digital sales and marketing with partner Certus Growth.
  • Strategic assessment of new franchise venture including developing the franchise prospect, business model and concept.
  • Drew up digital capabilities roadmap for major transportation organisation.

  • Developed a digitalisation seminar concept with Umeå University to inspire and share knowledge.
  • Co-creation of a "Transition Clinic" addressing business transformation/ disruptive innovation together with scholars from Umeå University.
  • Market assessment study for new start-up in artificial intelligence for digital signage.
  • Speaker on the theme of "Professional Entrepreneurship" at ALMI event.
  • International distribution strategy and KAM (key account management) organisation for mid-sized outdoor company.
  • Conducted more then 100 coaching events, workshops on market segmentation, business modelling, goal-based management and related themes.

Areas of expertise



“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” is a famous quote attributed to the late business management guru Peter Drucker, and we agree. However, in Lewis Carroll´s famous tale Alice in Wonderland, the author paints mind-bending pictures of some of the most pressing questions in modern society.  “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” The Cheshire Cat answers, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to". Together we craft strategies that work for you.


Consumers are pushing small and large companies to deliver more affordable, better, and exciting products and services. There is no more room for mediocrity in our globalized market place. When it’s time to generate fresh new ideas, most companies turn to an inexpensive and efficient source of innovation: their own employees. How can you unleash the creative spirit lurking in your workforce? And how can you bring in different views and perspectives using models like open innovation and cooperation with universities.


Our Business Acceleration Programme is designed to drive progress in your business. The programme is based on your company’s specific needs and growth barriers, and it consists of insightful coaching, powerful strategies and hands-on work to position your business for exponential growth. It’s a 9 - 12 month programme that covers every aspect of your business. You will learn and use the tools, strategies and processes you need to establish a solid foundation, attract your ideal customers and grow your revenue.


When executives say transformation, what do they really mean?  Firstly, there is operational transformationor doing what you are currently doing, better, faster or cheaper. Then there’s core transformation, which focuses on the operational model and involves doing what you are currently doing, but in a fundamentally different way. Finally, strategic business transformation involves changing the very essence of a company. Liquid to gas, lead to gold, Apple from computers to consumer gadgets. We identify the most promising roadmap for your business.


Building a profitable sustainable business today requires an understanding of digitalisation and new technology. The pace of technological change is accelerating while the plummeting cost of advanced technology means that the world around us is becoming ever more connected.  For example, in 2005 there were just 500 million devices connected to the Internet: today there are 8 billion. By 2030, it is estimated that there will be a trillion – connected devices providing unthinkable services. Your pizza may well be delivered by a drone one day. We craft your technology roadmap.


Scaling a start-up can be really tricky. If you scale at a speed beyond your company’s capabilities you can end up in severe trouble. Scale too slowly and you risk losing momentum. But it is process that any entrepreneur with vision must learn to master, and it requires building strong teams. To quote John Doerr, "Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes at team to win". Learn how to use goal-setting methods like Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to focus and motivate teams. We help find the most suitable pathway for your start-up journey, from attracting customers (users), gaining traction, validating the business model and then scaling up.